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In the light of day or in the dark of night

Put the chicken back...

6 April 1988
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Why are you reading this? I am so completely uninteresting that it's mind-boggling, and you are wasting precious seconds of your life on this userinfo that is going to tell you absolutely nothing about me. Did you know that before I made this my userinfo, I hadn't updated it in three years? Isn't that sad? That is the kind of life I lead, folks, and look at you, reading about it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

And that's without even mentioning that I never even post anything here! I use my LJ almost exclusively to follow other people's LJs and sometimes post stuff that I want certain friends to see but don't feel like emailing them about! Are you even still reading this? I bet right now you're thinking, ah, she's going to start telling me salient facts any minute now.

Well, I'm not.

Marriage is love.

I will not stand for this
Everyone Feels This Pain
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